Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Soooo...The time has come again for projects... The challenge this time is to make a video (3-5mins) about my inspiraciones. I'm not sure what all Im going to put in this video, pero I have a good idea of what might be en it. Family is a MAJOR inspiracion en my life along with music. Some of my favorite Christian music will make it en the video. God, nature, and pretty much anything that has to do with cake decorating is an inspiration en mi vida. I'm still en el process of figuring what will be en mi project pero things are looking up...   :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Here we go again... It's project time. The theme this time around is texture and color, but I got tasked to a special project. I am to take pictures of the performance areas for a book. I'm not all to sure what this book is about, but I know that it will contain pictures showing around our school. Sooooo..... Yea!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A slice of everything

A new day, a new project. Our challenge this time around for Nu-Works is to create a 1-minute presentation that conveys what we say Booker T. is to us. My partner and I are creating a stop motion video. We decided to use our talents outside of our major here at Booker T and show what we think Booker T.  means to us. Cake and Make up. Two unlike things coming together to convey our feelings. So pretty much the video will show the steps of making cakes (2 in total) and applying makeup. The cakes will be decorated to show the 4 different parts of Booker T. Dance, Music, Art, and Theatre. Then the two cakes will be cut in half and come together as one. The same will go for the make-up aspect of the video. The make-up will be a representation of the 4 clusters. So in the end when the cakes are combined and the make-up is finished. The model will eat a slice of the cake.

Booker T. is a slice of everything but comes together as one.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Now

As this new year begins to unfold, one cannot help but think back on the previous one.
2010 was filled with many new adventures and experiences. I finished my 1st year at Booker T. Washington, went to Chefology 101, turned the sweet 16! Along with the fun things there were times in 2010 that weren't the best, but ,all in all, everything helped me become a better person. Life teaches one many lessons, some good some hard. Despite the not-so-fun things in 2010, there were many fun things this past year. Now it's time to focus on 2011. Many challenges await me this year, and I will be waiting for them with overwhelming strength and confidence to overtake them. I choose now to put the old stuff to the side and focus one the NOW. My goals are set and the bars have been place so that I may reach them, so I now place my good foot forward and take my step into 2011!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Press Play!

 The Circle of Life - The Lion Soundtrack
Life is made up of many never-ending circles.

Life is full of circles, changes, and cycles. The Water cycle, the seasons of life, the enviromental changes, the process of recycling, everthing I or you could ever think of has some type of circular motion to it. Our task is to dicover the many more changes, circles, and cycles of life! So set out to discover at least one change/circle/cycle that's apart of your life you haven't discovered before!